Mahale & Katavi

‚ÄčIn the remote western part of Tanzania lies an area of outstanding natural beauty and wildlife.  It is only accessible by light aircraft and a visit here must be looked upon as being one of the ultimate safari adventures.

In Mahale National Park the mountains soar to 8,000 feet above Lake Tanganyika, which at 420 miles long and 30 miles wide is a veritable inland sea.  The forested slopes are home to the world's largest known population of chimpanzees with about 1,000 individuals inhabiting the park.

Katavi National Park remains one of the greatest wildlife experiences of Africa.  Miles from anywhere, it has an almost mythical status and, it's thought, a greater density of mammals than any other Tanzanian reserve.  Massed on the plains are the last great herds of buffalo in East Africa, whilst the rivers are filled with crocodile and hippo.

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