The ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ is, for many people, still associated with the violence of the early 1990’s, but 20 years after the genocide afflicted this small country it is once again a safe destination to visit.

​The main reason to safari in Rwanda is to visit the mountain gorillas; to be within a few feet of a family of these magnificent creatures is a ‘must’ for serious wildlife enthusiasts. When trekking gorillas not only should you be reasonably fit but you must make sure that you purchase a permit as far in advance as possible - these currently cost US$750 per person per trek and are non-refundable. Bear in mind that you will not be able to go on the trek if you are suffering any form of cold or illness on the day

Beyond the gorillas there are other attractions which are often overlooked such as the chimpanzees of Nyungwe Forest, the scenery around Lake Kivu or the Genocide Museum in the capital, Kigali.

Most people, however, combine a few days in Rwanda with another African destination and Kigali can be easily accessed from the Serengeti in Tanzania, from Nairobi in Kenya or even from Johannesburg.

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