​Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is located in a basin between the Khomas Highland, Auas and Eros Mountains.  Whether due to pure luck or a brilliant stroke of Germanic planning, Windhoek is situated in almost the exact centre of Namibia making it the ideal place to start any Namibian holiday.

The city centre is characterised by a large number of German-style buildings, a lasting reminder of Namibia's colonial history. Early buildings such as the Alte Feste (old fort), Christuskirche and Tintenpalast (the parliament buildings) are of particular historical interest. In a typical display of unintentional Namibian irony, the Alte Feste Fort, once the bastion of German colonialism, now houses the National Museum.

Apart from being the logical place to start your travels, Windhoek has Namibia's only international airport.  During the day the city centre has a European cafĂ© culture, and German cuisine dominates. Nightlife in the city centre is limited to a few restaurants and the occasional nightclub, with most of the nightlife happening outside of the city centre in the suburbs and township areas.

Places to stay in Windhoek