Namib Naukluft Park

​Home to the mighty sand dunes of Sossusvlei (the highest in the world) and the Namib Desert from which the country gets its name.  The Namib Desert is the oldest in the world, created over 80 million years ago.

A surprising collection of creatures survives in this arid region, including snakes, geckos, unusual insects, hyenas, gemsboks and jackals.  More moisture comes in as a fog off the Atlantic Ocean than falls as rain, with the average 106 millimeters of rainfall per year concentrated in the months of February and April.

The winds that bring in the fog are also responsible for creating the park’s towering sand dunes, whose burnt orange color is a sign of their age. The orange colour develops over time as iron in the sand is oxidized, like rusty metal; the older the dune, the brighter the colour.

Places to stay in Namib Naukluft Park