Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

Set in the remote south-eastern part of Zimbabwe

​The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, a 130,000 hectare private reserve in south-eastern Zimbabwe, is just 200km from the South African border and is accessible via direct twice-weekly flights from Johannesburg Airport.

The Reserve is teeming with birds and wildlife, including rare and endangered species – such as the Roan and sable antelope, and the black rhino. Famous for its cathedral Mopane forests and majestic ‘upside-down’ Baobab trees, Malilangwe is an area where you will also find over 100 rock sites that date back more than 2,000 years.

Malilangwe meaning “Call of the Leopard”, is also home to Africa’s 'Big 5' (leopard, lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo).  It is a non-profit trust taking great care to include the local communities in its running and development. It is a source of livelihood for all the people who live in the region, who also benefit from improved healthcare and education.

Places to stay in Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve