Uganda Gorilla Trek - Tailor Made Fly-In

Highlight * An unforgettable hour with the Mountain Gorillas


Arrive in Entebbe and connect with the flight to Kihihi. Transfer on arrival to your lodge for a 3 night stay. We offer a variety of lodges in the area, all conveniently located for gorilla trekking and some within walking distance of the local village amenities.

DAYS 2-3

Meet with your fellow trekkers at the headquarters of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where you will be assigned a gorilla family and guide for your adventure. Your guide will give you a briefing on the gorillas and what to expect on the trek, then it's off into the forest to find them. The conditions can be tough, steep and often muddy. You may find that you are forging your way through thick vegetation too. We highly recommend hiring one or two of the porters - as well as providing much needed local employment, you will find their assistance indispensable. Once you find your gorilla family, spend an hour watching them as they eat, sleep, play and interact with eachother. Our top tip - don't view it all through your camera lens, it's worth putting the camera down and living the moment. Gorilla permits are strictly controlled so the day of your trek will be determined by availability. If you are keen to do a second trek, this must be advised and confirmed at time of booking. Other activities in the area include a forest walk or a community visit.


Return to Entebbe and continue with your touring arrangements. There's much more to explore in Uganda, including safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park and a trip to the famous Murchison Falls, or there are convenient flights directly into the Mara or the Serengeti.

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